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VCF to CSV Conversion

This is a utilty that makes it easier to import address information from your Palm OS device into your Mozilla email client. Mozilla will allow you to inport VCards, but you must acknowledge each entry. You can batch import csv data, but when you export addresses from the palm desktop as CVS email addresses can appear in any one of the phone fields. This application starts with a file containing VCards of all of your contacts and generates csv file containing last name, first name, display name, and up to 2 email addresses for each contact. To use this do the following:

  1. From your Palm Desktop Address book select all of the contacts whose email addresses that you want to import into Mozilla. Export these contacts as VCards.
  2. Use the form below to select the file that you just exported.
  3. Press Process File and save the file.
  4. In your email client address book, import the csv file.

Note: This is an import operation, not a synch operation, so unless you want duplicates, you may have to delete the existing entries from your mail client's address book. I import my entire palm address book into a new folder in Mozilla, and delete it before I import the new one.

VCF File to Process: